Lab Process

Testing by the Protocol Test Lab (PTL) is done according to the requirements of the BTL Working Group. The tests are designed to validate that products have correctly implemented the BACnet protocol. Successful test results from the Protocol Test Lab can be used as the basis for BTL Certification.

The order in which devices are tested is on a first come, first served basis. However, BACnet International members receive priority in the testing order.

Testing Process:
  • The manufacturer initiates the testing process through the BTL Lab Test Application Form and BTL Checklist (in BTL Test Package) on the Test Documentation Page
  • The manufacturer reads and signs the BTL Lab Standard Product Testing Agreement. the forms, along with the application fee of $750, are sent to BACnet International (address on application form). Click Here For BTL Lab Forms
  • Testing Services Manager intimates the lab about the new testing application
  • Lab provides the test estimates
  • Testing Services Manager supplies an Application Acceptance letter which includes an estimate for testing time, cost and an approximate test entry date
  • Manufacturer ships the device to PTL for testing, based on the date mentioned in the acceptance letter
  • PTL begins testing based on the priorities set by the Testing Services Manager
  • PTL carries out testing and sends updates to Testing Services Manager
  • Testing Services Manager reviews the deliverables and sends the status to manufacturers
  • PTL intimates the Manufacturer and Testing Services Manager when testing is complete, defects are logged and no further testing can be carried out
  • Manufacturer provides the firmware/software with defect fixes
  • Lab upgrades the firmware/software and retests for defects, along with impacted area testing
  • Once all defects are resolved, PTL conducts the Final Acceptance Test and declares the device as 100% test complete
  • Lab prepares the Final Test Report and submits it to the Testing Services Manager
  • The manufacturer is notified and receives a preliminary test report

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Testing Fees

An estimate of the number of hours of testing required will be furnished to the manufacturer upon review of the application. The base fees are $150/hour for laboratory testing and consultation. BACnet International sponsor members (Platinum, Gold and Silver) receive a 50% discount.

Certification Process

Successful test results from the Protocol Test Lab can be used as the basis for BTL Certification. For more details visit.